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Based on the PKIoverheid certificate replacement plan Digipoort has now replaced its PKIoverheid certificates for TLS traffic (web traffic) into certificates from the private root (G1) (in Dutch).

What does this mean to you / your organization?

If your certificate expires / is revoked, your certificate provider has notified you. This is done by informing the certificate holder within your organization. If the certificate holder is unknown to you, it is recommended to contact your certificate provider. They can specify who within your organization was informed and can also specify whether the certificate of your organization needs to be replaced.

What should you do with a newly received certificate?

This depends on the interface with which you deliver messages to the government or governments (FTP or WUS).


For the FTP interface (see table below), the new certificate must be known to Logius and “trusted” by Digipoort. This means that you send us the “public partial certificates” of your new certificate (this can be done according to the regular process, via the contact form –in Dutch). We ensure that the public partial certificates (in consultation with you) are “trusted” within Digipoort, so that secure messaging remains possible.

Government (process owner)

Target group companies


Uses FTP interface

Belastingdienst (Tax authority)

Entrepreneurs and intermediaries

Loonheffingen (Payroll taxes)

FTP GB 3.0

Belastingdienst (Tax authority)


Teruggaveverzoek EU-BTW (Refund request EU VAT)

File exchange FTP

Belastingdienst(Tax authority)

Financial Institutions

Data exchange (banks, insurers, pension funds)

File exchange FTP

De Nederlandsche Bank

Financial Institutions


FTP GB 3.0


For the WUS interface (see table below which message flows this concerns) you do not need to send anything to Logius, but you must replace / load your new certificate within your software. If you do not know how to do this, it is recommended to contact your software supplier. They can help you with this.


Target group companies


Suppliers to the (Rijksdienst) National Service E-invoicing


Suppliers to the government (invoice senders)


Companies to the government

Country-by-Country reporting

Companies to the Belastingdienst (tax authority)

UWV verzuim melden

Companies to UWV

Motorrijtuigbelasting Grootwagenparkhouders (GWH) Factuurspecificatie

Belastingdienst (Tax authority) to companies